The making of the soul concept


This article presents the procedure by which the soul concept was produced out of forging whatever originals were used by the ancient Egyptian priesthood in the edition of the Pyramid Texts.

The study is based on the 59 passages of the Pyramid Texts which contain the term ba.

Moreover, it is shown that the forging of the texts continued and still continues through modern translations.                 In page 6 of the article a sentence is rendered as “Soul among the spirits”, by Faulkner and as “Ba among the akhs” by James Allen. One need not be an expert to realize that for almost 200 years the terms ba and akh had been translated wrongly and that at this present time the translators still do not know the true meaning of these terms; a fact that renders their translations of the Funerary Texts untrustworthy and useless.

The making of the soul concept


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