The “Dispute” decoded, part 3

With regard to column 67 the following note was added on August 9th 2014

Note: On August 9th I received the following message from Patrick Smith.


I think confusion arises because the phrase n rmT can be evaluated as either a dative with a nominal object (“for people”), or as a prepositional phrase (“to people”); since grammatically, either must come at the end of a clause, the true meaning becomes ambiguous. Allen certainly supports your translation, however (his examples are cited from “The Shipwrecked Sailor”).

The succinct nature of the sentence, and the lack of any further clarifying elements certainly gives ample fuel for debate!


Therefore, I do owe an apology to Lichtheim, Faulkner and Wilson since the phrase  n rmT  can also be translated as “for people”.

Dispute decoded_Part 3_columns 55 to 85

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